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Laboratory research

    LLC "Engineering Geology" has its own accredited testing laboratory equipped with modern instruments and measurement tools the laboratory allows to research the full range of physical, mechanical and chemical properties of soils and groundwater.
   The complex instruments, including eight plants triaxial, fifteen and ten compression shear construction equipment, Moscow State University and produced by "NPP Geotech" Penza are used to study the mechanical characteristics of soils. Axial load in triaxial compression and instruments are created in two ways: in the first case, the load is applied steps (static loading), the second - continuously (kinematic loading) with a given strain rate. Devices are part of the automated system and are operated by computer. Testing of soils by triaxial compression stabilometry methond is conducted to determine the following parameters of strength and strain: the angle of internal friction, specific adhesion, deformation modulus, shear modulus, bulk modulus and coefficient of transverse deformation (Poisson's ratio). Testing by method of triaxial allows not only to determine the number of standard options that are included in one or the other computational models of soil, but also to carry out tests of different trajectories of voltage modeling given natural and industrial conditions. Shear tests can be conducted under the conditions of controlling voltage (increasing shear stresses steps and displacement measurement) and controlling strain (shear deformation at a given speed shift with measuring shearing stresses occurring). 

  The stationary chemical analysis laboratory allows to carry out the full or reduced chemical analysis of soil and ground waters, measure the specific electric resistance and average density of cathodic current and to estimate degree of corrosion activity on metals and aggression on concrete. The portable chemical laboratory allows to carry out the abridged chemical analysis of ground waters directly on a place of selection of samples.