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Evaluation of the bearing capacity of building structures

Evaluation of the bearing capacity of building structures

- Determination of loads on the elements of the building based on autopsies performed;

- Determination of efforts in structures identified using the settlement scheme;

- Verification of parts of the building, taking into account the actual state of the structures.

 Assessment of general condition of the building.

- Analysis of survey materials, including the assessment of strain state of the structures and the results of calculations;

- Determination of the building (health, limited efficiency, invalid, alarm).

Drafting opinions and technical proposals to ensure serviceability, the implementation of reconstruction of the building

- Drawing up statements of the elements to be enhanced or replaced, and the development of appropriate technical solutions;

- Evaluation (if necessary) the possibility of the add-ons or extensions to the building and reconstruction schemes and structural changes in production technology;

- An opinion on the results of the determination of the actual state of the structures with the conclusions and recommendations for their further exploitation.