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Geotechnical construction monitoring

 About 30% of all accidents in the construction are the result of incorrectly chosen construction technology and the lack of geotechnical monitoring during the construction of foundations in difficult engineering-geological conditions. Numerous experimental studies, that were carried out by specialists of "Engineering Geology" at the construction site buildings, show that engineering-geological support is a basic condition for high-quality work at the construction of the foundations of buildings and structures. Engineering and geological control is especially important when constructing artificial bases (sand mounds) of future construction, as well as in places of former landfills, swamps, covered ravines and river floodplains. 

 Before major work on the compaction of soils and groundwater device, pillows specialists of "Engineering Geology" experienced seal is taking place, in which the process parameters are getting set, and the project provides the required values of physical and mechanical properties of compacted soil.

 Field work usually includes soil testing method of static sensing and punching test.

 Static sounding is performed at full power of the mound, as well as the depth of the possible weakened after remediation soil zones (at least 2 meters). The weakened area in the sole of artificial base may be formed as a result of freezing or soaking the soil before landfilling. Considering that, as a rule, the power of bulk layers makes up first few meters, recording of static probing is carried out not less than 1 - 5 cm depth. In interpretation of these data, it can be concluded not only information about adding bulk density of sand, but also which layers of thickness they were paved.

 Tests by stamps are carried out in order to determine deformation properties of the bulk, condensed sand under natural conditions platforms (deformation modules at primary and secondary branches of loading, the static module of elasticity).