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Identification of geological risks

    In the course of work the identification of geological hazards is carried out in order to measure the risk of economic loss in the event of a partial or full manifestation, such as karst hazard and causes of karst risk, suffusion danger and suffusion risk, landslide risk, the risk of erosion and the risk of gully formation, danger and risk from the process of man-made flooding, danger and risk of frost heaving of the soil, danger and risk of significant subsidence and failures earth's surface caused by thixotropic liquefaction and removal of soil in the construction of the recess. In process of this work the following tasks are solved:

- Identification of the main sources of geological risks at the site of the planned construction, taking into account existing and possible activation of new geological hazards caused by natural and man-made factors, caused the erection and operation of facilities evaluated;

- Evaluation of geological risks arising from the defeat of the assessed building as a separate geological hazards and the totality of these hazards;

- Assessment of the possible physical, economic and social losses for the 50-year period of operation of the planned facilities, as a result of the defeat of assessed building as a separate geological hazards (differentiated risk), and the totality of these dangers (integral risk).