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Control of level, chemical composition of ground waters

 The hydrogeological monitoring is needed for solving various problems, such as:

- Evaluation of the efficiency of the waterproof diaphragm walls. During performing this kind of building envelope, the possibility the formation of permeable areas is not excluded. These areas in the subsequent development of dewatering and excavation get eliminated. However, potentially, these areas can create conditions in which there is an increase of hydrostatic pressure during construction and groundwater lowering beyond.

 - Quantification of the manifestations barrage effect of underground structures. Waterproof design of buried structures, partially or completely blocking the aquifers, is creating barrage effect, and thereby is changing the way and the filtration rate of groundwater. This can result in the development of processes of flooding of surrounding buildings in areas of high groundwater level, the day surface sediment and utilities - in the drop zone level and suffusion processes - in an area where there is an abrupt change in hydrostatic pressure.

- Determination of the level and rate of spread of contaminants in the aquifer, identifying pollution levels depending on whether of particular season of the year, the level of precipitation and other natural and man-made factors.