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Control of development of landslide processes

  Control of horizontal displacement of soil

 To control the horizontal displacements of the soil at various depths directional measurement are held. To ensure the observation of directional wells special plastic casing are installed. Observations are made with the help of a set of measuring equipment, which includes: a portable vertical inclinometer probe, the measuring coil cable and a recording device. Directional probe is a cylindrical stainless steel body, which is equipped with servo akselerometers sensor designed to measure the numerical values of deviation from the vertical in two mutually perpendicular directions. Periodic inclinometer measurements allow estimating the possible depth landslide deformation, the speed of their development over time and in a timely manner to develop measurements for their stabilization.


 Control of landslide surface deformation

 Control surface landslide deformation is carried out using mechanical sensors by the detection of cracks weirs of active landslide blocks. Mechanical design is a metal profile anchored to a depth of not less than 1.0 m, with respect to the solid soil layers. Two metal profiles are arranged on both sides of the crack revealed the dynamics of opening (closing) of which is fixed by changing the distance and angle (vertical and azimuth) between the supports. Periodic measurements allow to controlling the speed of the surface deformation of landslide in a timely manner to prevent the development of emergency.


 Сontrol of landslide pressure

 Pressure sensors are used to measure horizontal component of the landslide soil pressure. They are installed on vertical walls of piled raft foundations, supports a variety of possible landslide deformation axis. The pressure sensor comprises a sealed distributed cushion, which consists of two plates welded at the perimeter. Pillow is filled with oil. Changing the oil pressure, the sum of the load changes on the pillow, is registered by the sensor.