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    Depending on the objectives and characteristics of soil strata, drilling can be done by shock-rope, coring, vibratory and screw ways. The complex of drilling rigs, available in the park of "Engineering Geology", allows to perform drilling with all of the listed above methods. Drilling rigs are mounted on the bases of trucks KAMAZ, URAL, ZIL, GAZ and UAZ. Depending on the complexity of the entrance to the place of work (in cramped conditions, bogs, etc.), one or the other base of the truck can be chosen. When drilling is being done in hard to reach places, buildings and basements, where access by heavy drilling equipment is impossible, drilling rigs is done by manufactured portable UCB-12 /25-01 and UCB-12 / 25-02 "Pombur", as well as self-propelled crawler "Alligator".