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Control of pore pressure

 Piezometric sensors are used to measure the current pore pressure, which indicates a decrease in the ongoing process of consolidation in the soil. LLC "Engineering Geology" uses string piezometers PW production GEOKON, USA.

 PW piezometer consists of a measuring element (vibrating string), enclosed in a protective steel casing. The steel cord is fixed at both ends of the hollow cylindrical body of the sensor. The electromagnetic coil is used to excite the strings and measuring the period of its oscillations. The period of oscillation depends on the pressure which influence the sensor element. The characteristics of reliability and continuous operation of the sensor PW delivers the latest developments in the field of string measuring technology. The sensing element is completely sealed, which prevents corrosion of the steel strings. A portable recorder GK-403 (GEOKON, USA) is used to read data from the pressure sensor.